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Introduction to Combat Points

We are very happy to see the growth of Endless Loot firmly and steadily.As most of you know, Endless Loot Collection of weapons are limited to 101 mints. It was not until our last event, that we encountered a new challenge, with the growth of the project, we found out some adventurers left out because they didn’t have the Grov Saber to participate in the event.

We felt very sad for those who couldn’t make it; in fact, since that day, we have been thinking of a way to make quest and events accessible for everyone without breaking the bank. After thinking over and over to find a way to welcome everyone into the new quests, we have finally cracked the code!

From now on, we will use CP (Combat Points) as a requirement to participate in quest or events. Combat Points is a way to know how strong, skillful and reliable you are, in other words, the more CP the better. CP will determine if you are capable to defeat a monster, or how fast can you defeat him, or when it comes to puzzles and other challenges, it will determine if you have the skill required to accomplish them, or how easily you will do it. 

To start, the way that CP will be used is very simple. For every weapon that you hold in your inventory (that is different from each other) you will get the amount of CP from each of them equal to the original amount (in WAX) paid for the drop. For example: a Dark Crow Scythe will give 5 CP and Grov Saber will be 10 CP. Bear in mind, that CP will be useful for other things later on.

The idea is to always reward players from their support no matter how old or new the Loot (NFT) you hold is. As a matter of fact, a well-geared character would like to get a good amount of them, or maybe he wants to get them all. Every adventurer will have the opportunity to play as they prefer without leaving anyone behind. 

Now you might ask yourself, if there are 150 event attendants, how am I going to get a weapon assured when there are only 101 mints per weapon? 

This is what we have been battling for the past few days, and here is where we have another big announcement. 

*drums playing* 

From now on, instead of getting a weapon as a reward, you will be getting a Skill Book! Skill Books are abilities that the adventurers will be able to use in quest and events to make them more powerful. Each different Skill Book that you hold in your backpack will give 1 CP.

These books will be only obtainable through quest or events, and they will be limited to the exact amount of participants of the quest or event where it was rewarded. Once again, we are very grateful for the support that you have given us so far. We want you to feel listened, your feedback is very much appreciated, and most important, don’t forget we are here to have fun!

Here's the list of all 10CP weapons:

- Hand of the Sun (mace)

- Grov Saber (misc.)

- Frost Flake (sword)

- Death Breath (shield)

- Left Eye of the Beast (axe)

- Rovul's Claw (staff)

All Armors are 15 CP, Bows are all 5 CP, skill books are 1CP. All other weapons are 5 CP if they are not in the list above.